YouAreMore was originally co-founded in Minnesota and Toronto. We are now based out of Toronto with bloggers worldwide. We believe that everyone goes through their own obstacles. In today's society many people feel they have to compress their struggles- mentally, emotionally, physically, financially in order to fit in. No one despite their current situation should ever feel alone. YouAreMore than any of your obstacles! We want to create an international community that can live out our mission statement- to inspire individuals to see beyond their obstacles. Together we can encourage & inspire people.

Why November 26th?

YouAreMore was officially founded on Canadian Thanksgiving. We wanted to launch on American Thanksgiving as a symbol of connecting the two countries. Thanksgiving is an incredible time to reflect who, what, and how we're thankful in each of our lives. We both are extremely thankful for our paths crossing and the support we've received from everyone helping make our dreams into reality. We are also thankful for both our struggles, which are now bringing us to a point where we can help others! We look forward to YouAreMore's yearly anniversary and reminder of God's love and our gratefulness.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Every year on September 10th, the world brings awareness, action and commitment to helping prevent suicides. World Health Organization (WHO) states that every 40 seconds someone around the world commits suicide. We hope through YouAreMore we can help establish a daily reminder and not just one day that your life is constantly worth the fight. Suicide should never be an option, you're not alone. YouAreMore!